Summary of tonight's playtesting of an interactive-fiction based mission script in Space Nerds in Space:

I am in need of puzzle ideas for my interactive fiction style mission script for Space Nerds In Space. The basic premise of the mission is that a disabled spaceship has a bomb aboard and maybe hostages? (or if you have a better idea...) You remotely control a robot aboard this ship and need to defuse/deactivate the bomb (or solve whatever problem). The mechanics available are the usual IF stuff, like Zork. Avoid ropes or liquids as these are problematic to program. Any ideas?

This is kind of a cool blog about old interactive fiction:

As a kid back in 1981, via an ad in the back of Compute! magazine[1] I acquired the "Deathship Pamphlet"[2] containing a horrible BASIC program and a description of how "adventure games" (interactive fiction) worked. This was my first very confusing introduction to the concept of arrays.

Someone has recently played this forgotten mess of a game, and described it:


[2] Not the pamphlet I remember, but close to it:

Got a proof of concept of the interactive fiction thing working with COMMS. You can try it by running "testintfic" from the demon screen, then switching to channel 1234 on comms. Here's a pic:

Been thinking about adding some interactive-fiction stuff into Space Nerds In Space in a mission script. For example, maybe you direct a robot around on a derelict ship via Comms to solve a mystery.

To that end, I've been experimenting with some I F basics in Lua: -- so far, you can move around and take, drop and examine objects. Based on a previous python experiment:

Pretty straightforward port, really.

I must be retarded. How the fuck do you follow someone on mastodon? Let's say all I know is I want to follow @someasshole@someplace

I don't know anything else about this person.

How do I do it? Been googling around and... wtf, it seems this basic question is... apparently unheard of, never mentioned, unimagined, unthought of. Am I taking crazy pills? Am I the crazy one?

I dunno. I'm about to give up on mastodon, as discovery is too hard here, it's trying to be twitter, and twitter fucking sucks.

How to set up temp static IPs ubuntu 14.04.
Click on the network manager and configure it.
Nope, it won't let you save, no matter what. Ok, use ifconfig manually. Nope network-manager clobbers it. Fine.
/etc/init.d/network-manager stop
Nope. use service network-manager stop
Nope. stop: unknown instance
wtf. Oh, it's fuxor'ed:


sudo su -
cd /usr/sbin
mv NetworkManager NetworkManager.orig
/sbin/init 6

Take *that* network-manager, you piece of garbage.

Herzog Zwei sound track from the Sega Genesis (M68k CPU, Zilog Z80 for sound processing)

E.g: "scan-build -o /tmp/mytmpdir make && xdg-open /tmp/mytmpdir/*/index.html" I've caught a few bugs in space-nerds-in-space with this thing already, and the false positive rate doesn't seem too bad (not zero, but not bad), though some of the convoluted pathological cases it sometimes finds can be a little hard to follow.

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