You might have heard the phrase "Embrace, Extend, Extinguish" to refer to microsoft's (historic?) approach to open standards and so on. A youtube comment I just saw suggested this phrase should instead be "Control, Alt, Delete".

Dragged out my 12-string Taylor 355 acoustic guitar tonight, which I rarely play. Mostly I'm an electric guitar player. Hmm, one of the strings was broken. Here's the weird part: I bought this guitar in 1999. 21 years ago. This guitar is old enough to fight in a war, and old enough to *drink*. I've never changed the strings. The strings that are on it are the strings that came with it when I bought it in 1999. *hangs head in shame*. Even with a broken string, it still sounds wonderful.

I've heard of "paper circuits" but the examples I'd seen up to now were very simple, with copper tape used to lay out wires. This guy has a different take, and takes it much further. and here's one of his simpler circuits with some instructions that describe the process: Looks like an interesting prototyping technique. I imagine if you painted the paper with epoxy afterward, it might be fairly robust.

This neural net thing generates music and vocals as raw audio:

Dovydas has done these live concerts each night for the past 45 nights. Pretty interesting if you're into guitar playing. Here's tonight's livestream:

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It's nowhere near Halloween, but yet we have this showing up just now:

Another one from Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture

Space Nerds in Space dev update 2020-04-19:
Transport Contracts, a new font, and SDL2.

This video someone made of Kenneth Copeland (idiot TV preacher charlatan) is entertaining:

From 2012, Smoothlife... a sort of floating point version of Conway's game of life:

I'm told Space Nerds In Space will build and run on Mac OSX (mojave) now, thanks to a patch from a Byron Roosa.

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