you aren't radical if you can't be bothered to write a couple words to describe your god damned images

every undescribed image is a fuck you to the blind community, people with vision problems, people with attention issues, people with slow data connections, etc

if you're not gonna describe your image, just don't post it, jfc I'm so tired of this shit

not a subtoot, just angererery because I'm noticing a trend. we're getting worse at it

if you forget a lot you can follow @alt_text who will then DM you if you post an image without a description

okay here let me tell a story:

I have serious attention issues. for a while I couldn't use a smartphone because it was too distracting—I'd get pulled in

I discovered screen readers from a friend of mine who's blind. she taught me a lot about accessibility and recommended that I try one for my issue

now I can use a smartphone again. by listening to the content, I can multitask or fidget which keeps me from getting pulled in too badly


so yeah I'm a little salty about undescribed images because for me and everyone else who uses a screen reader—we just don't want to miss out on your posts. I followed y'all because I'm interested in what you have to say, and if you can't even write a couple words for your images, you're saying that's not meaningful to you

@io I will stop retooting images with no description because I always describe mine. Sorry that people aren't being aware.

That's what I do. If the image is too interesting not to boost, I always make sure to reply with a description.

@io i've been thinking about this lately. could you tell what screen reader software do you use? and, if you know, what other software do people with disabilities use.

it's hard to follow accessibilty guidlines for webdev when you don't have experience using assistive technologies, so i wanna try it

@io doesnt help that the fucking ui for adding it is terrible. I often have to tab away to check what the image actually says because th compose box for it OBSCURES THE IMAGE and that resets my position in the compose box, its a design nightmare,

even worse if youre on your phone

@daylight @io 99% of the reason I use tusky despite frequent rage at no delete and redraft in apps is how easy it makes it to add captions, while viewing the full image even. Wish it was on iOS too...

@daylight @io an alternative is i have just put a description in parentheses like

(Image: cat paw with pink beans and fawn fur)

@daylight @io
Sometimes it's easier to first type the image caption text in the regular message textbox, then cut and paste it into the image caption textbox.

@io Hey, I never thought about it, but it makes sense. I hate pictures, but on the rare occasion that I use one, I'll remember this.

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