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"hi io, I want to try this mutual aid stuff but don't know how"

- find a local chapter of food not bombs, or start one
- join a solidarity union (IWW is good in us/can) and take on some tasks
- talk to people while you're waiting for the bus
- (techies) find or start a repair cafe
- (spiritual people) find a church doing good community work and help, as long as they aren't proselytizing at the same time
- babysit for your radical friends with kids so your friends can do stuff

- read some books on capitalism, colonialism, history of your area, ideally with someone else
- volunteer at a shelter for houseless people. especially if you have the privilege, consider bullying anyone in an administrative role that's acting like people in the shelter aren't human beings
- that friend of yours that's really struggling to get by? bring them dinner the night they work late
- go to a training on opiate overdose response, get some narcan and learn how to use it

basically: help someone who you're not expected to help

@io My comrades and I did some narcan training last year. I definitely recommend it. Now, I carry a couple doses of narcan with me just in case.

@io TIL it’s cool to bully people if they’re bad people

@io IWW is strong here in the U.K. too!

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