"mastodon was down"

nah y'all, was down! other mastodon instances were fine!

consider getting accounts on smaller instances and so we can have a network of nice little communities. mastodon works best when moderation is distributed among many instances!

here's how to find a good instance:

or if there's an instance in your area, consider joining that one! Richmond VA (shameless plug) Portland OR Ann Arbor MI Twin Cities (MN) Philadelphia PA NYC, queer tech rebels German, mostly CCC hackers

@io (sorry everyone i'm mentioning still haven't figured out if there's a way to quote-and-post so i'm abusing the reply functionality) @hanabel a suggested resource for finding a good instance,

@io Were there actually headlines saying mastodon was down? D:

@io Yes! This is very important information. Even if you don't use them often, informing others you ate contactable on other instances can be great help.

@io ... laughing at self 'cause I have a backup account and when Tootplanet was down I totally forgot about it. "Woe masto is gonnnne..."


@io hi @hanabel i'm hoping you can see the ... uh, toots ... i'm replying to! About how the cool stuff is happening on other instances (or neighborhoods as @jalcine and @alexhillman suggest) rather than which is for has been for better or worse functioning as sort of a default landing place

@io people just want another twitter, let it burn~ (gopher here i come)

@io grgron must close subscriptions to solve this.

@io That's true! I'm part of Fosstodon and I had no idea was down.

What happens in that case though? Once the instance gets up again it syncs all the missed toots from the fediverse? Or just continues from where its state before going down?

@unknown it syncs to catch up, so it's as if nothing ever happened.

Only impact to people on other instances is that they would have been able to see or interact with users on during the outage. That's one of the many reason why I love Mastodon. 😊


@io Mastodon is very similar to IRC. Your favorite IRC server goes down that doesn't mean FreeNode dies. It means you go to a different server to get back on.

Consider using a smaller instance. You should also look for instances that are located closer to you with a lower TTL. You can export your favs/blocks/follows and import them into an account on the smaller instance so nothing appears different to you at your second home.

@ster @io Go into your settings (click the gear right above where you type), and one of the tabs is Data Export

This so much!! Mastodon was made with this sort of situation in mind.

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