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Docker bit me, ouch! :rva_angry: Timeline will be about 5 minutes behind for the next 10 minutes or so as we catch back up. Thanks! :rva_wink:

:rva_party: Happy one year anniversary,! To celebrate, the mastodon from our site header now has its own set of emoji, thanks to the amazing @dzuk!

:rva: :rva_party: :rva_angry: :rva_blush: :rva_cool: :rva_embarrassed: :rva_heart_eyes: :rva_think: :rva_wink:

:rva_party: Happy one year anniversary,! To celebrate, the mastodon from our site header now has its own set of emoji, thanks to the amazing @dzuk!

:rva: :rva_party: :rva_angry: :rva_blush: :rva_cool: :rva_embarrassed: :rva_heart_eyes: :rva_think: :rva_wink:

After some deliberation, we'll be 🌟 opening our registrations 🌟 for a short while.

Gentler Earth is an antifascist space for people who wish for or need what it says on the tin. We hope to be a safe space for you to organize and make friends, to both fight for justice and find kindness.

Feel free to join us (and boost!) :ancomheart:

Done! now supports polls!

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Richmond is asleep. Let's see if I can sneak in a bit of server maintenance while nobody's looking.'s instance rules are rules of conduct. They exist because I feel there's value in having some ground rules to interact with others online so that we feel safe and comfortable in our virtual home.

Our fourth rule exists because surveillance is at odds with that goal. Those who would abuse your familiarity and the open atmosphere in this corner of the web? They're not welcome here.

We can't do much about their tools and resources, but we can at least uninvite them from the party.

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To be overwhelmingly clear: your public and local posts are still public. People from hackers dot town can still see them, as can anyone with an internet connection.

Remember that people involved in state surveillance have a large toolkit that could be used to see much more than just your public posts.

Just because defederating that instance won't end state surveillance, doesn't mean we shouldn't defederate it. There's no need to make stalkers feel welcome.

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We are no longer federating with hackers dot town. Accounts on that server are in violation with rule 4 of our instance forbidding stalking, spying, and surveillance, and the admin has failed to take action against those accounts.

Rule 4 is designed to make everyone feel safe on the fediverse, but remember that posting publicly carries risk. Even local posts, followers-only posts, and DMs carry some risk.

To anyone who was following accounts on that instance: it sucks, I'm sorry.

What's that? has been around for eleven months?

THAT'S RIGHT Y'ALL! The party continues! πŸ₯³

Sorry for the downtime earlier. I'm going to look into moving to a different datacenter with better uptime history.

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