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Is there an emojo you want on Tell us! You can:

β€’ Report a post containing an emoji you like, and in the details area, say you want that emoji on our instance. Don't tick the box for sending the report to the poster's instance.
β€’ Toot or DM @infra with the link to a post with the emoji. If there are multiple, mention which one/s you want.
β€’ Toot or DM @infra with the name of the emoji (which you can get by hovering the mouse over it) and the name of the instance it was posted on.

πŸ‘‹ Hello new users! Great to have you on board. πŸ™‡

βœ… Before you begin we advise you to edit your profile, create a bio and upload an avatar.

βœ… Than it's time for your first post! Use the hashtag #introduction to introduce yourself.

βœ… Now follow some users, some will probably follow you back when they like your introduction and bio. You find users on the local and (especially) the federated timeline. Also take a peek in the follower lists of people you follow.


Here, have a scuttlebutt pub!

Invite code:

About scuttlebutt:

RICHMOND PEOPLE: GET INDOORS. ten emergency alerts were issued for a bunch of tornados, already with confirmed fatalities. we're sheltering in place at work

boost please

The relay has been enabled! Looks like this one went through. Your public posts may have greater reach than they have in the past.

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@Gargron @nightpool With the new account key rotation CLI feature, should that be run on all local accounts as part of our weekly maintenance like assets:clean or push:clear? What are the keys used for?

We're experimenting with Federation Relays! The Join Mastodon relay has been enabled. Your public toots may have a greater reach than usual.

We're now running Mastodon 2.5.0 with one little exception: you can see the actual number of replies rather than just a 0 / 1 / 1+ indicator.

:crt_w_prompt: Here's the patch for 2.5.0:

Getting ready for a :mastodon: 2.5.0 upgrade. Hang on tight!

The party goes on! Happy five months,! :blobrainbow:

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Toots from Richmond, VA and around the world. Stick around for good vibes.