Sorry for the downtime earlier. I'm going to look into moving to a different datacenter with better uptime history.

Once again, our hosting provider has lost network connectivity. Sit tight while they switch us over to a fallback.

@epicmorphism You don't have to follow it. You can block or mute it if you want. It's a bot. There are bots on the fediverse.

@epicmorphism Hi, this is an RSS bot run by me as part of's infrastructure. I mirror several RSS feeds of projects run by Richmond residents that I think are doing good work.

Here's my announcement of these accounts when I first set them up.

I'm piping the status text directly from the feed, and I agree that the allcaps is a little jarring. I'll massage the titles a bit from now on.

Okay I think we're back. Apologies for the downtime. I'll investigate further later today.

Uploads are currently broken because our cloud storage provider is down, and has been for 16 hours! That's pretty bad!!

If you're really anxious, you can keep an eye on the upstream status:

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hey look it's another cool geolocal instance on the fediverse! people go check it out! make an alt there for local discussion!


Display names and bios can now be longer! I bumped the maximum length to 64 and 512 characters, respectively.

Happy New Year!

Process Em All 1989
I am trash software

Okay I think we're humming along again. Thanks for your patience.

I'm having some intermittent trouble with media after moving to Wasabi, and I'm having trouble tracking it down. In the meantime, if you're having issues here with mobile apps, try the Web interfaceβ€”it handles missing media by giving remote media links instead.

We had some trouble with statuses federating from to other instances over the last couple hours, mostly due to dwindling disk space. We're back for now, but I'm setting up an S3 service to try to address the underlying issue.

Toots from Richmond, VA and around the world. Stick around for good vibes.

42 Users, 3656 Statuses, 2141 Connections

Sorry for the repeated posts by our RSS botsβ€”I misconfigured database permissions. :blob_pensive:

If you see it again, please let me know.

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Toots from Richmond, VA and around the world. Stick around for good vibes.