Okay, server is rebooted. Hopefully this should get the server working for a little while as I start digging into why Mastodon is having issues.

In the meantime, welcome


who have all joined in the past few months.

Once the admin is a bit less slammed by life this instance will get more interesting and stable.

rva.party had some issues earlier today. I'll be updating to 3.4.0 tonight,

Things were touch and go there for a sec, but ...

Welcome to :mastodon: v3.3.0

Okay, after a bad bout of laziness on new management's part rva.party is under new management.

After some skid's attempt at automated account creation, we're now requiring approval for new account creation. Hopefully this is a temporary measure!

@Matt5sean3 I wonder if we can dual-host rva.party on an OpenNIC domain as well. I think I remember having to select a domain to officially name the server (and therefore have oir activitypub traffic sent to). But if you're just looking for a non-ICANN way to access the instance web interface, maybe there's some nginx hackery that can be done to support that. Or maybe I can install the masto FE on a different domain, and point it at the rva.party BE

Hi all, took care of some moderation tasks today. Cheers!

I fiddled with our Sidekiq configuration today. Expect some slowness for an hour or so as the job queues empty.

@eyesack We're pleasently surprised to see you too! Welcome to the party! :rva_party:

@eyesack We're pleasently surprised to see you too! Welcome to the party! :rva_party:

I was pleasantly surprised to see an RVA node

Welcome to :mastodon: v2.9.2! This version brings an option to use a much simpler layout. New users will have this layout by default, but everyone can now choose in settings which layout to use.

There are other goodies in this release! Check out the details at blog.joinmastodon.org/2019/06/

@io Sorry, I don't see any post here that you're replying to.

Thank you all for reports of the obnoxious spammer. Of course, I immediately suspended the account the moment I saw the reports.

Extra credit goes to an anonymous monads.online user who reported the spammer within 30 seconds of the account email being confirmed. You go! ✨ :sonic:

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