Please report mass-follow bots. They typically can themselves "federation bots" and don't actually serve a purpose, now that relays exist.

@infra sorry if this is a dumb question, I've got one following me but I don't know of a way to report an account itself rather than individual toots. Just block it?

@salmonbill You can report any of its posts! It's not a silly question—in fact, you raise a good point: can you report an account that has never tooted?

@salmonbill Just checked and it turns out you can report an account directly from their user page. Just click the triple-dot menu and select "report".

@infra I agree, but tbh, there aren’t many relays out there right now to connect you to other folks. A follow bot does still do things a relay can’t.

But I still agree

@pandora_parrot @infra Actually, I don't know about a single working relay at the moment. All I've found before are out of order.

@ondra @infra works if you're into the furry community. My instance also belongs to and that works for more general content, I think.

Here's a list I found from @Sander

We tried homunyan, but I felt like it was a bit much.

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