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Mastodon is a gift. To who I'm not sure, but there's rarely a dull moment.

im trying to crank some 90’s in danger zone with the broskis

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iconic sounds of the decade:

00's: Toxic by Britney Spears

10's: minecraft parody videos

20's: procedurally generated indie rock

30's: multimixed gregorian chants

40's: the silence of a dead world

50's: t̷͓̺̔̿ḥ̶͉͋̒e̴̦͘ ̵̭͑ḃ̷̺͈l̴̖̍̌e̷͔͕͌͛s̸̡͆s̴̛̩e̷̗̋d̸̺̂ ̷̣̐̐n̷͉̪̿o̸̜̎̍í̵̲s̵̡̛͌e̸͖̎

60's: electro-swing revival

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at some point in the future kids are gonna have AI robo parents instead of human ones. i cant wait to complain about those little shits

wtf how am i supposed to write a darn toot without spending hours second guessing my word choice


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