A lot of the reasons given why drugs are illegal in the US tie back to racists needing an excuse to lock up people they don't like.

Why did the rest of the world follow the US in that madness?

conceptualizing numbers 

Dad life 

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I'm more looking at having an OpenNIC only Mastodon instance. I really am fed up with the system of registry operators and registrars so being able to use platforms without them is the big step I want to make.

Granted, it seems like having an instance operate on an OpenNIC tld would require some extra steps on the part of other instances to allow proper federation.

The fact that Android phone makers removed headphone jacks right after Apple removed theirs really says that if Apple jumped off a bridge, then Android phone makers would rush to find an even bigger bridge to jump off of.

Needless to say, this is an infuriating state of affairs (if only because I like having headphones that are cheap and dead simple that I can use while my phone is charging).

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ICANN believes that a registrar is absolved of their obligation to investigate a complaint if the complainant refuses to provide the recipient phone number for an SMS that contained that domain

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ICANN is shit 

ICANN is shit 

ICANN is shit, Pananames is too 

ICANN is shit 

ICANN is shit 

Does anyone know of any Mastodon instances that use an OpenNIC TLD? I'm reaching the opinion that ICANN is shit, which I will expound upon in replies. For now, I'd like to see what can be done to democratize DNS. Then maybe other things like Blockchain DNS can also be proceeded with to start technical improvents.

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The descent into authoritarianism 

If code generation systems were politicians 

I feel like washer and dryer resistance should be a metric in earbud design. Somehow my three pairs for $10 headphones can survive the washer and all sorts of abuse where more expensive ($10 for one pair) headphones just die randomly within two months.


(At least the security state parts of the government. Any part of the government that reigns in capital gets categorically pointed at as an abberation that threatens citizens that must be excised irrespective of how that part actually impacts people's lives. That then gets distilled into a weird "minarchist" strain that essentially says the government is just there to enforce property rights.)

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