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Dumb electronics thoughts 

Baby Logic 

Speculation for kids 


uspol, communism 

Dad life 

Dad life 

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ok I am breaking my rule about only posting baby pictures on my dad alt because fuck, holy shit, this kid, what (boosts yes) 


I just want non-Linux users and other developers to feel pain (and to myself program in C rather than C++, to not deal with a framework specific code generation system that makes it C++ with new framework specific syntax added, and to not have compilation with any build system that is not qmake be complicated).

Mastodon account verification 

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On leftist propaganda and organizing via social networks 


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Technology jobs 



Reading through this, the options are not limited to governmental action or individual action. Organization with neighbors for better options, such as public transit or safe-ride systems to shuttle fratboys home, renter's unions to fight rent increases that make renting out rooms necessary, and community repair programs to keep phones running (and maybe even on current software if LineageOS is supported on the phone). Such organization can then take the fight to make the regulations.


I think there are a lot of parts of pumpkin carving that could be automated, but doing so might defeat the purpose. Scooping guts out (or making kids scoop the guts out) is half the fun.

However, something about making a CNC pumpkin carving mill appeals to me as it would be able to create complex designs beyond anything possible manually, especially with my limited skill level.

A defense of web apps 

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