Down at letting the little girl watch the chipspace from a safe distance.

Hey Fediverse, does anyone know what this flower is? It's growing in my backyard, but I didn't plant it. Maybe it's some sort of wildflower, but my yard is adjacent to a community garden, so it could also be something they grow that spread.

DC, Virginia, Maryland Metro labor struggle 

Dangerous #bicycle infrastructure 

I finally finished reading The Conquest of Bread.

Also just for kicks, look at this crazy screenshot. Walmart is getting really targeted with their opposition to socialist ideas.

This is not my cat, but this cat meowed at me a lot today.

Antifa, horribly silly 

Joined in a one-hour cosplay challenge. The theme was supposed to be Sailor Moon, which I had never actually watched. The result was interesting and putting it together was a blast. Sadly, that's the last thing I'll be doing at this year as I only got a day pass.

First time doing miniature painting. It's not awful, except that it is a kobold, which are awful.

Playing Splatoon with @Smashbalch in the console/arcade room at . Having technical difficulties, lol.

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