Domain squatter is a bad term.

Real life squatters are taking something held out of use and returning it to use. That's pretty cool.

What we call "domain squatters" are really "domain speculators."

Speculators in real life hold things away from use to try to extract value from people who want to make good use of it. They're bad and should be eliminated.

This is what domain speculators do. They are also bad and should similarly be eliminated.

@Matt5sean3 They're still speculating within the ICANN's system and unlike usual speculators, don't exploit people or the planet with what they're doing. But they're free riders, for sure. This is frustrating sometimes.

@af They're not just free riders. It does degrade usability of the Internet. The fortunate thing is that the expansion of TLDs makes this a lesser problem than it once was.

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