Makerspaces, Hackerspaces, and Capitalism 

From everything I see, makerspaces are the recuperated form of hackerspaces. A makerspace is a hackerspace with the radical component excised. I've expressed the sentiment before, but I can say it more clearly now. The difference between a makerspace and a hackerspace is freedom, independence, and democracy. Makerspaces don't have a requirement for those, but hackerspaces do.

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Makerspaces, Hackerspaces, and Capitalism 

In action, this means that makerspaces are used as economic development vehicles by chambers of commerce, as pedagogical institutions for businesses to develop their workforce, and as factories for commodity production.

Business creation and pedagogy are not necessarily bad activities in themselves, but when makerspaces are crafted top-down with those as goals, that top-down nature driving at those goals necessarily excludes democracy and independence.

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