Disabling Pocket in Firefox should not require going to about:config and clicking past a warning that would scare off non-technical users.


In Ubuntu LTS, yes it is.

I'll need to see what it's state is on the most current version when I get home.

I see "recommended by Pocket" in Firefox mobile, so it's there too.


Upon review, yes, Pocket is still a thing in the latest version of Firefox

@61 @Matt5sean3 yeah, Mozilla bought Pocket after everyone complained about the unnecessary integration.



#Mozilla will keep ticking until the day someone *really* gets pissed off and hits them with a fork à la #opendocumentfoundation or #nextcloud.

Same project but run by people who care about product quality and are not completely deluded thinking they are running a mini-Google or micro-Microsoft.

And that's my rant for tonight. Cheers

@61 @drzaiusx11

Even with what has happened with Pocket, I disagree that Mozilla has is trying to be Google or Microsoft rather than making quality open source software.

On quality Mozilla still stands out to me as still driving competition in web browsers with Firefox alone.

Rust isn't as hyped as it was, but is definitely high quality.

Mozilla's A-Frame is definitely my favorite framework for VR.

However, Pocket is a debacle they really ought to cut off and learn from.

Well, we'll disagree there. 🙂

Seeing the stuff going into #Bugzilla and comparing against what was being released had always been an exercise in WTF-ness.
Maybe they changed now, but I lost all confidence in them years ago already.
#pocket, "hello", etc., are clear examples: a year before "hello" they went about (rightly) killing a lot of functionality in the core that could be implemented as add-ons instead - 1/2

@Matt5sean3 @drzaiusx11
They then bloat it with this stuff in exchange for money. Behind the developers backs too, as you could see in the relevant discussions at the time (I apologise for not being in a position to dig out a link right now)

@drzaiusx11 - 2/2

@Matt5sean3 @61 despite several botched marketing deals (Mr Robot, Pocket), Firefox is still the best browser for privacy and security available. Containers are the best invention in recent browser history at least as far as stopping trackers like Google/Facebook across sites.



For values of “best” ≈ “least bad”?

Perhaps. I only use #Firefox because it took me many years to figure out how to lock it down to a reasonable level. On every upgrade, it is usually a matter of seeing what they broke this time and adjusting user.js accordingly.

Containers do not work in private mode so their usefulness is at best limited.

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