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Hmm, my post has gone out of date, time for a new one

I'm Matt.

I develop in ++ and to pay bills in the area commuting from

When I can, I go to a , but I can't do that as much anymore.

I post about and software ideas mostly.

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I really should make a

I'm Matt, a software developer stuck in corporate shops to pay the bills while programming , , , , and more in my free time.

I go to a on Tuesdays, . I live in with a job in . Formerly lived in and a former member of , which explains the instance I use.

Have attended for years, so if you go to or the main event in January you may see me.

Landlords are that terrible face of capital that so many of us face. A reminder that you don't even have control over your dwelling place. A loss of a third of your income (if you're lucky) that may, if they so decide, remove you from your home for any or no reason.

This is not an okay situation.

Being out of the Java space for a little while now, I don't think my issue is the language itself past Java 8.

It's much of what is built around the language. The tools that program in XML. Use of code coverage as an enforcement tool. Unnecessary magic, like dependency injection directly into private variables using introspection hidden from the developer. Plenty of other things too.

This happens in other languages. It's probably part of why hating JavaScript is back in fashion.

I'm hosting a talk at a fandom convention in two weeks. That's pretty cool for me. It will be my first time doing this sort of thing.

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It seems like questionable incidents with boats is the number one justification for the US getting into wars. Anyway, let's not go to war with Iran.

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hey football fans! you know what's cooler than being rowdy in the streets after your team wins?

being rowdy in the streets for the abolition of land ownership

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14 days to pay the farm's mortgage and save my home. $1100 to go. #MTG #Land #Mana #deck bag, 5 inches wide, 6 inches high, sized for tournament deck with card protectors. Anodized and bright aluminum, hand woven #kumihimo drawstring. Originally $90, clearanced at $80 with free USA shipping. or$tarlimanjoppos #mastoart #art #maille #Chainmail #tree #green Please Boost

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Avast! Highlights of my ANARCHISM 'n' PIRATES discussion with Trashcan123!

Thanks @tinydave for editing :D

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Necessity is not actually the mother of invention. Anyone who ever visited a makerspace will know this is true. Lots of unnecessary, unusable things are invented.

Went to the library today to get "badged" to use their 3D printer and 3D scanner for their MakerLab program. They had lost the power cord to the scanner. Way to go with that authentic makerspace disorganization there. They told me they'd reschedule for sometime after they find the power cord 🤷 .

I'm thinking about trying again, but it's a hassle. It's slow. Things don't always load. Last time I tried, Freenet was how I've heard the early Internet was: a slow loading, ill-formatted free-for-all populated by geeks, weirdos, and pedos.

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Or find an existing 3D scan of a rock online

Really, I should just go find a nice looking Rock by the river 2 blocks away and use the 3D scanner at the library.

Start: want a realistic looking Rock for a 3D model

30 minutes later: reading about computational modeling of geological processes

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