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Hmm, my post has gone out of date, time for a new one

I'm Matt.

I develop in ++ and to pay bills in the area commuting from

When I can, I go to a , but I can't do that as much anymore.

I post about and software ideas mostly.

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I really should make a

I'm Matt, a software developer stuck in corporate shops to pay the bills while programming , , , , and more in my free time.

I go to a on Tuesdays, . I live in with a job in . Formerly lived in and a former member of , which explains the instance I use.

Have attended for years, so if you go to or the main event in January you may see me.

Kaiji may be my favorite anime. I've never really thought too much on the view on capitalism presented in the show.

VRV isn't really a place I expected this kind of thing to come from, but it's an interesting thought.

It's a great series in any case, so I encourage anyone to watch it.

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So, as it turns out, due to capital flight social democracy is off the table. Really a good historically supported explanation of why we're down to socialism or barbarism.

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earning my extreme nerdposting merit badge tonight

Go upstairs to grab headphones, get distracted and tune my 3D printer's PID controller. Looks like I went a bit off the rails somewhere here.

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This video by @Alienation181 is epic and important and needs more leftist eyes on it. Information dominance is something we all have to study if we want to win:

This is an older video than I thought it would be. Not so much of a change in the last decade.

People talk about a fall of the United States' empire. The popular assumption is such a fall inevitably creates a dark age.

Visions for a positive post-imperialist world exist, but wide-spread acceptance of the positivity of a post-imperialist world does not.

If nobody beats me to it, I'm looking into compiling libslic3r to WebAssembly via emscripten so that I can make a good in-browser slicer.

I'm not a fan of using remote services for what can be done locally, so the current in-browser options are unappealing.

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looking forward to telling my bewildered grandkids what a "landlord" was

A capitalist saying there is no better alternative to capitalism is a thief saying there is no better alternative to letting them rob you

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The Socialist Rifle Association is raising funds for victims of the Christchurch shooting. Please consider donating if you are able:

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So, this video is good to watch and makes an absurd number of good points

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Toots from Richmond, VA and around the world. Stick around for good vibes.