Classy: solidarity with workers across the world

Trashy: imperialist, nationalist boot-licking

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Space Nerds in Space on the Raspberry Pi 4B

I finally got a Raspberry Pi 4B to try for myself. The summary is that the Raspberry Pi 4B with 4GB RAM is fine for the less intensive screens like NAVIGATION, ENGINEERING, DAMAGE CONTROL, SCIENCE, and COMMS, it's still not really good enough for the MAIN VIEW, WEAPONS or DEMON screens.

Climate change, ozone hole, liberalism 

Climate change, ozone hole, liberalism 

On the origin of makerspaces 

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are you an internet user? do you feel like a giant noob in terms of security habits, practices and software? would you like to make your communications a bit more difficult to barge into, perhaps protect some files specially well?

i'm offering free practical infosec guides for newbies, not very technical stuff that can be used day-to-day along with an assesment of what you might need.

:boost_ok: I'm desperately looking to help out, so seriously, hit me up if you're interested.


Down at letting the little girl watch the chipspace from a safe distance.

I remember more talk last year. If any other Mastodon people are around, speak up!

In an unexpected change, it appears I'll be going to Magfest this year

Jerry Fallwell University, being a dick 

Imperialism, weapons, revolution 

Software stuff 

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I just learned that the .wang tld exists and the fact that I'm not seeing any Mastodon instances or English language porn sites using that is almost a tragedy.

Against anti-natalism 

Capitalism ruining things 

Private property is theft 

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The American healthcare system is such an embarrassment

Dumb electronics thoughts 

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