I'm starting to learn more about gardening and it's actually pretty cool. There are things I want to experiment with in future years, but for now just getting
some space that was previously just grass or sun baked clay to grow herbs, fruits, and vegetables is a win.

video games, time 

I was looking for things to port to get more experience using emscripten. I found Endless Sky, which seemed like a good candidate, but then, oh no, it's suddenly the wee hours of the morning.

I've come to accept that there is actually no patience for nuance when people are talking about cryptocurrency.


Also, it was raining today, so I might possibly not be digging in mud when I plant everything.

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Weather, utilities 

I guess that's a good thing in some ways. That means I'll have the 811 markings done before even touching the soil, so I'm not risking hitting somebody's Internet line.

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Finally getting into gardening. I got some plants to put in the ground and some good soil, but then see on the forecast that there will be nights below freezing later this week.

So, I guess I'll have to wait on planting until next weekend. Hopefully they'll do okay in their small pots until then.

Bad systemic things 

I love the smell of fresh ground colonialism in the morning.

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Bad systemic things, riff on a bad joke 

The job of a software developer is to turn colonialism into the surveillance society.

Mastodon meta, people 

And yeah, the short and the long of it is that if you do something that hurts people in some manner, even by negligence, they're going to be hostile until they forgive, forget, or stop caring. Any of those takes time. It's not that the world is terrible and hostile broadly speaking.

Also, him getting upset for getting called anti-trans seems to have echoes of people getting upset for getting called racist. It seems his actions hurt trans people in any case, so there you go.

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Mastodon meta 

Wil Wheaton probably could have come to Mastodon if he had kept his head down for a while after the block list thing. I have few doubts that were it not for what happened last time he could join Mastodon today with few problems.

With the history of his ejection kind of baked into Mastodon history, it might be possible, but it might not. At least not without a lot of patience for people who don't and may never forgive him.

New profile avatar. I feel like it's closer to my usual mood these days.

Oh god, it's only Tuesday
*Check phone*
Eh, okay. I guess that's not as bad

COVID-19, Housing 

There's this New York Post article where a landlord is now living in her car because of the pandemic and wants to evict a family and can't because of the eviction moratorium. The article wants you to be sympathetic for someone who has their solution for sleeping in her car as making a family sleep in their car. Why the landlord couldn't make use of such moratoria is not mentioned.

This being New York Post you're, of course, supposed to want the family thrown on the street.


Decided to look at the OpenSCAD source code and most of the dependencies make sense, but isn't glib in a C++ Qt project a bit redundant? Maybe I'll dig into this later.

I keep seeing a lot about crypto that treats it as a monolith. It isn't. There are already cryptocurrencies available that use differing concensus mechanisms that are not intrinsically an environmental catastrophe. If you want to use cryptocurrency, use those and accept those as payment.

Now, don't think that cryptocurrency solves capitalism. When the first action after revolution is burning the record house, the case for a more robust ledger being revolutionary is a hard one to make.

14 and this is deep sophomoric drivel 

If someone breaks the law the state acts like it's the person that is broken rather than the law. The state then, of course, generally proceeds to break the person.

I'm kind of surprised that isn't the name of a podcast or something.

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Brain failing at reading 

The words written: 3D printing stls

The words read: 3D printing sluts

That would be niche. Not that niche. Or some cyberpunk stuff if you interpret it another way. Or not pornographic at all, being a slut is an ordinary thing if that's what you want to do.

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