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It's said that workers are more productive than ever, but we're on the cusp of a homelessness crisis and are in an active economic depression. What in the heck have workers been producing?

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That's not even mentioning the hazard to landlords that comes with evicted masses looking up how to build a guillotine.

There may be a sense that it's damage control to prevent wear from occupancy, but leaving a house unoccupied isn't such a good strategy to keep out squatters, to prevent scrappers from stripping a house of its wiring and pipes, to keep out pest infestations, or to keep deterioration monitored so that issues, such as roof leaks, do not fester resulting in far more damage than the initial leak.

On the other hand, what the landlords' endgame in all of this is isn't really clear.

It sounds like the plan is to evict tenants and attempt to rent the place to someone who can afford it. The sticking point to that being, a whole bunch of landlords would be trying to do the same thing and there won't be a sudden glut of renter's to pick up the slack. People just evicted aren't going to have the stable job, first month's rent, last month's rent, and deposit they're requiring.

In case you're not familiar with Virginia government, both the legislature and governorship are controlled by the Democrats.

State governor: *tries to prevent mass evictions in face of COVID-19*

State legislature: Lol, no. That would hurt landlords.

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If the phone system survives a revolution, I'm thinking that the spam call bots will persist running house financing and auto-insurance scams long after housing has been decommodified and vehicles collectivized (or whatever I'm not sure how cars will shake out in a communist society).

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Lots of people living out their video game music dreams in quarantine it seems.

The other place I see popping up is Hacker Farm in Japan. There seems to be a lot more information about them in English.

When I tried searching for makerspaces in rural settings every initiative I saw was transplantation of urban makerspace practices into rural locales with little consideration of why makerspaces thrive in urban locations.

When I looked for hackerspaces in rural environs I instead saw the idea of hackerlands which takes the ethos and applies it to rural areas. Unfortunately, I can only find a single article on it from 2014 because that is happening around France and I cannot read French.

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no, computers werent a mistake

no, the internet wasnt a mistake

the mistake was letting capitalism have control of these things

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